Rock / Blues

White Noise

White Noise
Instrumental rock/blues

Paolo Amulfi (guitars, arrangements, mixing)
Maurizio Bozorius Bozzi (bass, executive producer)
Fabio Casentini (drums)

Manrico Seghi (organ on Dudadaduda)
Andrea Baggio (keyboards on Travels) 

Carlo De Nuzzo - mastering

Max Costa - drums editing
Graphic art by Riccardo Zacchi

1) Shout 
2) Little Child
3) Dudadaduda
4) Up From The Skies
5) Diamonds and Pearls

6) Alex Shuffle
7) Old Man
8) Strange Brew
9) Travels  


Paolo Amulfi
Jazzy Blues

FIFTYFIVE was born from my old passion for smooth jazz dating back to the 80s, an album unusual comparated to what my style is, that is more inclined to blues rock. I really enjoyed it and, despite the stylistic diversity, I found myself perfectly at easy without stifling my expressive personality and style. 
Thanks to Stefano Negri (sax) for his skill and his magical notes.
Thanks to my friend Maurizio Bozzi (executive producer / double bass on track 9)
Thanks to the fine musician Antonio Masoni (piano / strings on track 9)
Thanks to Riccardo Zacchi for art graphics and his friendship.

1. Dudadaduva
2. Boom Boom
3. Cool Stomp
4. Put It Where You Want
5. Passing in the Street
6. Cold Duck Time
7. Cissy Strut
8. Late Night
9. The Caress of a Mother's Hand

I'll Be Waiting

Paolo Amulfi
Vintage rock


Hey Boy
Little Child
You Gotta Be
Free Me
I'm Lucky Man
I'll Be Waiting
Little Child (Reprise)


Musicians: Paolo Amulfi (guitars), Lorenzo Consigli (bass), Pepe Bonanno (drums), Alessandro Lollobrigida (vocals). 

Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi (bass on trk 5 & 6) & Laura Vicini (vocals on trk 9).


“I’ll Be Waiting” is the new CD by Paolo Amulfi , who - besides arranging and producing the album himself - is also the author of music and lyrics. A genuine ‘vintage rock’ record. The executive producer is Maurizio Bozzi of Drycastle Records, who also makes his appearance as performer. High impact lysergic sounds take the listener back to the unforgettable Seventies. That is also why, when performing live, Paolo Amulfi and his band will play – along with the new CD tracks - some covers by Cream, Jimi Hendryx, Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad: to turn the gig into an intense and overwhelming experience.
An incredibly talented guitarist, Paolo Amulfi has been, and still is, the grey eminence of the Italian music scene. He is a powerful musician who released albums, film soundtracks and performed live in many major Italian acts tours, including: Anna Oxa; Gianni Morandi; Marco Masini; Aleandro Baldi to name a few. He also performed with internationally acclaimed musicians, such as Mark Lambert; David Joyce; Trinie L. Massie; Gosia Andrzejewicz and many more.
Paolo Amulfi is also an experienced guitar teacher. His educational activity culminated in three guitar method books being published by Berbèn : “La Chitarra Ritmica” (“The Rhythm Guitar”); “Il Blues Elettrico” (“Electric Blues”) and “Classic Sound”.
He performs with “Green Line Band”, a line-up of professional musicians who boast impressive collaborations. A dynamic band featuring: Alessandro Lollobrigida (lead vocal/guitar), Lorenzo Consigli (bass guitar/ vocals) and Pepe Bonanno (drums).
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The Wild Cat Ranch sessions

Bozorius & Bluestorm
Blues & beyond


1 - Black Gypsy Blues 
2 - I'm Holding On        
3 - Go Away                     
4 - Hoochie Coochie Baby   
5 - Another Stormy Monday    
6 - Bad Judy                   
7 - Don't Block My Road       
8 - Nineteen Sixty Five      
9 - Jinx Bug Blues         
10 - Sitting Here    
Bozorius: lead vocals, acoustic & electric bass
Caiman Balducci: lead guitars
Fry Moneti: acoustic violin on tracks 1 - 5
                     electric violin on tracks  2 - 7- 9
Mark Giuliani: blues harp on tracks 3 - 6 - 9 - 10
Andreas Donnini: trumpet on track 4
Martha Lambs: background vocals
Noel Russell: rhythm guitars
Alex Mc Donough: keyboards
Bob " Shark " Kelly: drums
all compositions by Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi
recorded live in August 2012
at the Wild Cat Ranch, Winslow - Arizona


Starving Emotions reloaded

CoZmic Cafè
Rock ballad








An alternative rock version of the touching song Starving Emotions

                                     -The Cockpit-

Dr. Bozorius: vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards & arrangements
Sergeant Isidra Mehr: drums & percussions
Lyrics courtesy of the poetess Simonetta Conti

Starving Emotions

CoZmic Cafè
Folk rock

A touching folk rock ballad from the CoZmic Team. 
-The Cockpit-
Dr. Bozorius: vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards & arrangements
Sergeant Isidra Mehr: drums & percussions
Mister Fry: violin 
Lyrics courtesy of the poetess Simonetta Conti

Panic attack

The Blues Collective
Progressive rock-blues

Three original and seven cover songs by N. Young, J. Buckley, I. Anderson,
F. Zappa, Depeche Mode, Hot Tuna

I`ve got a panic attack ( Baron-Bozzi)
You came (Baron)
Strolling in the street (Bozzi)
Locomotive breath (Anderson)
On the beach (Young)
Vampire blues (Young)
How long blues (Carr)
Personal Jesus (Gore-Lee)
Forget her (Buckley)
Penguin in bondage (Zappa)

Bozorius - lead vocals, double bass, electric bass, some guitars & keyboards, sound engineering
Sauro Balducci - guitars
Mauro Giorgeschi - drums

Special Guests:
Silvano Navini - Hammond organ
Riccardo Migliarini - mouth harp
Claudio Matteini - backing vocals

Ordinary Lies

CoZmic Cafe`
Pop - Rock

- The Cockpit -
Dr. Bozorius: vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards & arrangements
Sergeant Isidra Mehr : drums & percussions

A New Direction

CoZmic Cafe`
Electronic pop-rock

- The Cockpit -
Dr. Bozorius : vocals, bass, guitars, keyboards & arrangements
Sergeant Isidra Mehr : drums & percussions
Seafarer Ely Cohn : background vocals

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