I'll Be Waiting

Paolo Amulfi
Vintage rock


Hey Boy
Little Child
You Gotta Be
Free Me
I'm Lucky Man
I'll Be Waiting
Little Child (Reprise)


Musicians: Paolo Amulfi (guitars), Lorenzo Consigli (bass), Pepe Bonanno (drums), Alessandro Lollobrigida (vocals). 

Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi (bass on trk 5 & 6) & Laura Vicini (vocals on trk 9).


“I’ll Be Waiting” is the new CD by Paolo Amulfi , who - besides arranging and producing the album himself - is also the author of music and lyrics. A genuine ‘vintage rock’ record. The executive producer is Maurizio Bozzi of Drycastle Records, who also makes his appearance as performer. High impact lysergic sounds take the listener back to the unforgettable Seventies. That is also why, when performing live, Paolo Amulfi and his band will play – along with the new CD tracks - some covers by Cream, Jimi Hendryx, Deep Purple and Grand Funk Railroad: to turn the gig into an intense and overwhelming experience.
An incredibly talented guitarist, Paolo Amulfi has been, and still is, the grey eminence of the Italian music scene. He is a powerful musician who released albums, film soundtracks and performed live in many major Italian acts tours, including: Anna Oxa; Gianni Morandi; Marco Masini; Aleandro Baldi to name a few. He also performed with internationally acclaimed musicians, such as Mark Lambert; David Joyce; Trinie L. Massie; Gosia Andrzejewicz and many more.
Paolo Amulfi is also an experienced guitar teacher. His educational activity culminated in three guitar method books being published by Berbèn : “La Chitarra Ritmica” (“The Rhythm Guitar”); “Il Blues Elettrico” (“Electric Blues”) and “Classic Sound”.
He performs with “Green Line Band”, a line-up of professional musicians who boast impressive collaborations. A dynamic band featuring: Alessandro Lollobrigida (lead vocal/guitar), Lorenzo Consigli (bass guitar/ vocals) and Pepe Bonanno (drums).
official website: www.paoloamulfi.it booking: management@paoloamulfi.it