Jazz Handle

Lene Riebau
Cool, calm and self confident jazzy R&B

Lene Riebau is a truly gifted Danish debutant with her album ”Jazz Handle”. The style is Jazzy Rnb and not a genre that is very commonly heard in her home country Denmark. Yet, inspired by some of the greatest Soul, Rnb, Jazz and Blues singers of all times, Lene Riebau has taken the challenge and proudly presents a very well produced 12 track album. Lene Riebau has a very distinctive vocal and she has featured on various productions in the House, Soul, Drum n bass and even Rock genres. Jazz Handle was produced by Torben Lysholm at Tune Town studios and the production was supported by other well known artists like:

Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi (Bass - executive producer),
Jakob Dinesen (Sax),
Flemming Nilsson (Percussion),
Carsten Neumann (Bass),
Lars Nielsen (Piano).