Euphonic Sounds

Klaus Lessmann
Scott Joplin's music

The music of Scott Joplin, the King of Ragtime, revisited with respect and love by an 'electric' jazz quartet. Joplin was one of the great melodists in music history, his compositions deserve to be reinvented more often, not only by players in the classical jazz styles. In our interpretations remains some of the 'naive/melancholy/happy' feeling whis is associated to him and his period, but we try to transmit to the audience the depth of his music, with an eclectic approach that includes swing, free, latin, rock, country and other things.

Klaus Lessmann: clarinet, soprano saxophone
Riccardo Galardini: semi-acoustic and electric guitar
Franco Fabbrini: electric bass
Paolo Corsi: drums

1. Wall Street Rag  4.46
2. The Easy Winners  3.07
3. Euphonic Sounds  4.09
4. Gladiolus Rag   1.59
5. The Entertainer    5.27
6. Magnetic Rag  2.48
7. Felicity Rag (Joplin/Hayden)  2.40
8. Leola      2.49
9. Heliotrope Bouquet (Joplin/Chauvin) 4.10
10. Solace     3.19
11. Eugenia   4.21
12. Weeping Willow     3.57
13. Elite Syncopations    5.30
14. The Favorite      4.39
15. Stoptime Rag    3.51
16. Bethena     3.31
17. Something Doing (Joplin/Hayden)    3.54