Jazz / R&B

Organ Trio

Mr. P.G.
New hard bop jazz style

A tipical Hard Bop Hammond trio, with new compositions full of swing and blues, the musicians are very talented and experienced, one of the best expression of the new Italian jazz.
Piergiorgio Caverzan: soprano and alto sax, clarinet
Nicola Dal Bo: Hammond organ
Renato Peppoloni: drums
Guests: Nevio Zaninotto, tenor sax
Federico Casagrande, guitar
Producer: Maurizio Bozorius Bozzi

Duckstep trio

The Duckstep
European jazz trio

No drums but great swing, interplay and sensitivity for this new european jazz trio.
The Duckstep ( Luca Marianini, tp/ Giovanni Belli, gt/ Graziano Brufani, cb) This special trio is born in 2005 and, after a whole year of gigs, has recorded its first cd , thanks to Drycastle records in the person of Maurizio Bozorius Bozzi , the producer. This cd contains both jazz standards played with original arrangements and new songs, all performed with a charming and precious interplay. The inspiration for this combo comes from other similar experiences like: Catherine/Harrell/Van De Geyn or McBride/Payton/Whitfield and the same Chet Baker who loved this kind of ensemble. These are all class A musicians, each one graduated in classical music, teachers, well known as session men in symphonic, pop and jazz ensembles, talented, young and experienced..in other words among the best musicians in the European scene.

Our Favourite Friends

The Sultans ( of Swing )
Legendary 50s jazz standards

The Sultans:
Silvano Grandi-piano
Bozorius-double bass & sound engineer
The Favourite Friends:
Michela Resi, Alberto Ferrarese,Oscar Gazzarrini, Lucio Gnalducci-lead vocals
Andrea Donnini-trumpet & flugelhorn
Nico Gori, Alberto Mommi,Roberto Buoncompagni- saxes & clarinet
Giulio Stracciati, Maurizio Forti-guitars
Renato Peppoloni, Cosimo Marchese, Claudio Cuseri, Giampiero Giusti-drums.


Carlo Colombo
A brand-new jazz songwriter

A brand-new jazz songwriter, composer, pianist, intense and witty lyrics. Accompanied by a swinging sixties quintet.
Carlo Colombo is a revelation in the Italian contemporary jazz scene,a singer, a pianist and composer following in the best tradition of historical artists such as Paolo Conte, Fred Buscaglione and Renato Carosone. The songs on this album are all Colombo originals except for a swinging version of the world famous Volare, and are excellently performed by a tipically 50 – 60 sounding quintet. Colombo s lyrics are superbly ironic, satirical and uncommonly witty, and his delivery equals that of the most experienced crooner; Not to be missed…

Jazz Handle

Lene Riebau
Cool, calm and self confident jazzy R&B

Lene Riebau is a truly gifted Danish debutant with her album ”Jazz Handle”. The style is Jazzy Rnb and not a genre that is very commonly heard in her home country Denmark. Yet, inspired by some of the greatest Soul, Rnb, Jazz and Blues singers of all times, Lene Riebau has taken the challenge and proudly presents a very well produced 12 track album. Lene Riebau has a very distinctive vocal and she has featured on various productions in the House, Soul, Drum n bass and even Rock genres. Jazz Handle was produced by Torben Lysholm at Tune Town studios and the production was supported by other well known artists like:

Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi (Bass - executive producer),
Jakob Dinesen (Sax),
Flemming Nilsson (Percussion),
Carsten Neumann (Bass),
Lars Nielsen (Piano).


Contemporary jazz / Fusion

Bozorius, one of the Italy s foremost bass players. He is also a highly regarded composer, producer and sound engineer. After many years of experience playing and recording with his bands,and as a studio musician and sideman, he now presents his first solo cd. This cd is not overly technical, nor full of the usual scales and solos, but is made up of original compositions that mark his personal influences and tastes. Outstandingly played, these original songs vary from contemporary jazz instrumentals to vocal latin jazz. The music is performed with a unique warmth and feeling by some of Italy s best known musicians. Worthy of your attention. (Al Johnson) WINNER OF THE L.A. AWARDS 2006, BEST NEW JAZZ ALBUM.

Solo Fight

Contemporary jazz trio

Giulio Stracciati is the composer and leader of Nutrio project, he is one of the most original and inspirated guitarist in the European scene. The three musicians ( Ettore Bonafe on drums & percussions and Silvia Bolognesi on double bass ) are teachers at the world famous Siena Jazz Accademy. This is Stracciati s tenth cd and Maurizio Bozorius Bozzi is honoured to have produced it for Drycastle records. Listen to this album and you will appreciate Stracciati as composer, arranger and guitarist: stilish, new, technical.

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