Jazz fusion from the eighties

Wandering..with ears and eyes open..discovering cultures.. two great musicians and composers.. many years of friendship and cooperation...
In 1982 started a cooperation between the pianist, composer and arranger Fabrizio Festa (Al Di Meola`s arranger and conductor for the cd "The Grande Passion", Telarc 2000) and the bass player, arranger and composer Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi(Coryell- Mouzon`s Eleventh House...), together they founded a jazz-rock band named "FESTAGROUP". With this group they recorded two LP`s: "Congo Square" and "Montreux Live" and one CD "Strings"; they have performed a lot of concerts in Italy ,Europe and Usa; have been guests, for two years in succession, at the international jazz festival of Montreux (1988-89).

Fabrizio Festa: piano & keyboards
Bozorius: fretless electric bass
Riccardo Galardini: electric guitar
Walter Paoli: drums

Festagroup "Congo square" (Splasc(h) Records) Festagroup "Montreux live" (Splasc(h) Records) Festagroup "Strings" (Nueva) Festagroup "Vinyl" (Drycastle records)