Cyber Tracks

Funk, Modal Jazz & Prog

A unique cooperation with John Type, a talented deejay and turntablist, to merge my jazz, blues and progressive background with his contemporary sound. The feeling grew up and it was the time to ask some creative musicians and friends to join the flow: Andrea Donnini on trumpet, Alberto Mommi on saxes and flute except song #6 played by Chris Pacini on alto sax, Benedetto "Toti" Panzanelli on lead guitars.
The titles of the songs come from my love for Sci-Fi.
Enjoy my cyber trip!

Maurizio "Bozorius" Bozzi: electric & acoustic bass, keyboards, drums,
rhythm guitars, composer & arranger
John Type: drums, grooves and electronic samples

Recorded and mixed at Drycastle Studios, Arezzo, Tuscany - Italy
Mastered by Steve Corrao at Sage Studios, Nashville, TN - USA
Una insolita collaborazione con John Type, un turntablist e deejay di talento, con l'intento di fondere il mio background Jazz, Blues e Progressive con il suo stile contemporaneo. In questo flusso di idee ho coinvolto amici e musicisti creativi: Andrea Donnini - tromba, Alberto Mommi - sax e flauto (eccetto il brano numero 6 in cui suona Chris Pacini), Benedetto "Toti" Panzanelli alle chitarre solistiche.
...e la passione per la fantascienza ha ispirato i titoli dei brani


1- Space Riders
2- Cruising in the Saturn's rings
3- Titan's prairies
4- Bird calls in Haumea
5- 2nd star, turn left
6- On the way to Adhara
7- Deep in the Wormhole

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