New Horizons - The Music of Steve Hackett (Genesis)

Marco Lo Muscio
Classical / Progressive

This musical project comes from my passion for music Progressive of the late 60`s and early 70`s. In my opinion Progressive Rock is a highly creative and important movement in contemporary music. It blends rock with classical music - notably with Strawinsky, Bartok, Debussy, Bach and Beethoven - with Blues and with Jazz. The core of my creative idea is to make transcriptions of selected Progressive Rock compositions adapting them for Pipe Organ and Steinway 9` Grand Piano, to enhance the musical qualities of the compositions and to give them a deeper acoustic feeling, closer to Classical Music, with the breath-taking beauty of these magnificent music instruments - the D274 9` Steinway Grand Piano and the Ruffati Pipe Organ of the Canadian Church in Rome. This album is a tribute to Steve Hackett, composer and guitarist, born in 1950 in London.