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Duo Messieri / Selva
Experimental / Contemporary classical


The Duo Messieri/Selva was born in 2004. The Duo performed concerts in Europe, in charming towns like Copenhagen (IIC Auditorium), Dresden (Regional Parliament of Sachsen), Genoa (Suoni e Visioni Festival), Hamburg (IIC Auditorium), Leipzig (Heilig-Kruez-Gemeinde), Oldenburg (Oh Ton Festival), Prague (Martinu Hall), San Marino (IMS Auditorium) and Weimar (White Hall of the Ettersburg Castle).
Recently the Duo Messieri/Selva has focused the attention on the thought and production of original pieces by John Cage. The Duo Messieri/Selva realised a first radio performance and on line of Ryoanji in the version for saxophones, percussion and magnetic tape. In January 2006, with original pieces by J. Cage, the Duo closed the conference Il Pensiero della Musica organised by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini at the Piantagione Paradise by J. Beuys in Bolognano (Italy) and always in 2006, in Genoa, at the presence, among others, of an enthusiastic Edoardo Sanguineti, the Duo Messieri/Selva performed an important Italian premiere of One7 for saxophone, live electronics and magnetic tape. In 2007, the Duo has been invited to the Colloquium by Forfest Festival International festival of contemporary arts with spiritual orientation in Kromeriz (